About Us

We are a small company focused on providing insights into all the Android SDKs that apps use. We are from The Netherlands and Italy, and are based in Leiden, NL.

The core of our scanner is written in Rust, making it very fast, lightweight and failsafe. Our Android app is build in Kotlin and Compose, and features a live scanner for getting info about every updated app.

Besides our app, we regularly deliver reports for companies, using our huge database of app data and our SDK definitions, combined with Play Store app metadata. Our database allows us to retroactively detect any SDK, without needing to rescan the apps themselves. This gives us a huge benefit and flexibility.

We develop all stages of the pipeline, from ingestion, to report generation. We are both developers by trade and that makes us very flexible. Want a custom report or custom SDK information? We build and deliver.

Peter de Kraker is an Android/Java/Kotlin developer with 10+ years of experience delivering high performing apps, flexible backends and custom tools. He is the main lead for Addons Detector and lives in Leiden, The Netherlands.

Denis Peretto is the original founder of the Addons Detector app. Living in Italy, he takes part in the report generation process, handles the Google Play metadata collection and supports the operation in many other ways.